Deliverables and publications

NrTitleWP NrLead PartnerPlanned dateDissemination Level
D2.1 Report on coherent approach for terrorist risk assessment and management WP2 SNCB 28/02/2019 Confidential
D3.1 Practical report on emerging terrorism-related threats against stations and trains WP3 SNCF 30/06/2019 Confidential
D4.1 Database of assessed rail security solutions to support decision making at both strategic and operational level WP4 PKP S.A 30/04/2020 Public
D5.1 Preparatory material for the international training on security for operational staff. WP5 FS SPA 30/04/2020 Confidential
D5.2 Guidelines for railway management for handling and mitigating the risks coming from insider threats. WP5 UIC 30/11/2019 Confidential
D5.3 Best practices on the use of digital media for raising security awareness among the public of customers and fostering cooperation with authorities. WP5 DB 30/06/2020 Confidential
D6.1 SHERPA public website with a restricted area. WP6 UIC 31/12/2018 Public
D6.2 SHERPA 4-pages Brochure WP6 UIC 31/12/2018 Public
D6.3 Update of UIC security Hub WP6 UIC 30/06/2020 Public

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Internal Security Fund Police under the grant agreement Nr 815347