Deliverables and publications

NrTitleWP NrLead PartnerDateLink
D2.1 Report on coherent approach for terrorist risk assessment and management WP2 SNCB March 2019 Summary
D3.1 Practical report on emerging terrorism-related threats against stations and trains WP3 SNCF October 2019 Summary
D4.1 Database of assessed rail security solutions to support decision making at both strategic and operational level WP4 PKP S.A April 2020 link
D5.1 Preparatory material for the international training on security for operational staff. WP5 FS SPA September 2020 First session, Second session, Third session
D5.2 Guidelines for railway management for handling and mitigating the risks coming from insider threats. WP5 UIC uly 2020 Summary
D5.3 Best practices on the use of digital media for raising security awareness among the public of customers and fostering cooperation with authorities. WP5 DB October 2020 Link
D6.1 SHERPA public website with a restricted area. WP6 UIC November 2018 link
D6.2 SHERPA 4-pages Brochure WP6 UIC November 2018 brochure
D6.3 Update of UIC security Hub WP6 UIC October 2020 link

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Internal Security Fund Police under the grant agreement Nr 815347